My name is Karolin Schwarz. I am a freelance journalist, fact checker and trainer. My work appeared on the ARD political magazine Kontraste, ARD’s fact-checking platform Faktenfinder, Buzzfeed and Motherboard. I also took over the editorial responsibility for the video series about:blank. I give lectures and trainings all over the world, for example in Sweden, Singapore, Bulgaria and Romania. In the past I have worked as a fact checker for Correctiv.org and as a community tamer for Jäger & Sammler (funk) and local newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung.

In February 2016, I founded Hoaxmap.org, on which false reports of refugees and PoC are collected. The project received nominations for the Grimme Online Award, the alternative media prize and the journalist prize “Der lange Atem” and received the democracy prize of the SPD faction in the Saxon state parliament. I am also working on a new project: a database for fake photos and videos.